Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day

We've had some crazy weather in my neck of the woods over the last week and today is no exception. The weatherman/woman (or is it weather people?) have been lamenting about "Winter Storm 2008" even though winter isn't for another few days. But they've been forecasting snow, snow and more snow for pretty much the entire area and last night I was sent home early from work due to the storm coming south from northern Washington.

I packed up my things and headed home before 4pm and was in the midst of a hail storm for about half my commute, but then it just abruptly stopped. Nothing, no rain, no hail, no snow for most of the night. This had me sad, because with all the hype I needed payoff. I decided I would snuggle up with my electric blanket, glass of wine, some decent tv and would peek through the blinds outside to see if anything changed. It didn't.

But I got a call from my boyfriend who was busy cleaning his house for upcoming family visits. I didn't plan on seeing him this night but he insisted since Wednesdays are ours, we watch Criminal Minds and South Park (if it's new) because it's the yin & yang. I love the first, him the second. I pack my overnight bag on the off chance that the weather will change and we snuggle up with the tv and couch that has become oh so comfortable.

Cut to the next morning when we wake up far too early, think around 5am. He looks outside and tells me there's no snow, I pout but try to force myself back to sleep. There is a flash of white I see even through my closed eyes and the rumbling starts...a thundersnow (not my term, look to the weatherpeople). I sleep for another half hour and we peek through the blinds.


In an instant we have at least 3 inches covering everything. A winter wonderland is mine and I feel vindicated. The roads are a mess, traffic isn't moving because it's rush hour and people in the area were taken by surprise. The boyfriend however is not deterred and sleeps until 8am before deciding to go to work.

Here I am stuck at his house as my little car hates the snow. It's not so bad, I have the comfy couch under me, tv at my disposal, but he's not here. He trusts me to stay in his house for extended periods of time without him, which is nice...but my hope for today was that we would BOTH be celebrating snow day together.


  1. Snow in Washington!

    I'm going to be back in a few days and I can't wait

  2. I'll cross my fingers for you that you make it in ok, at this point I want it to go buh-bye. :-)

    But a white Xmas might be kind of fun too.


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