Monday, December 8, 2008

The dreaded first post

It's always so hard to figure out what that first post is going to be about. Is it a run down about me? Is it something I feel strongly about? Is it a poll?

I decided to just say "hi" and share a cute thing that happened today.

My office is running a little bit behind on the holiday cards this year so I was tasked to go to the store & pick up coffee. Upon getting back to my car there was a minivan parked next to me and the mom was trying to get her two boys out to go shopping. This of course meant I couldn't get into mine and drive away, so I waited. She was apologetic and in the spirit of the season I told her it was no problem and just hung out until she was done.

When she finished the oldest of the two boys (maybe 3 years old) saw me open my driver side door and my flame print steering wheel cover. He got all excited and his mom explained what it was. I mentioned that it was pretty bright and he counters with "mom needs one of those!".

Yes, it was all in the delivery but it reminded me that little kids can be pretty darn cute when they want to be.

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