Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Holidays

This will be the last little bit of snow talk, or so I'm hoping. But at least this is the pretty part of snowfall, we can all appreciate that.

Although I'll complain about the Northwest on a pretty regular occasion I really do like it here. It took me approx. 25 years to compromise with the weather in the area as "rain" is definitely not my friend and "cold" is it's significant other, but there are certain aspects of this area that make me never want to leave. The area when it snows and the amazing summer times are what make me stay.

This photo is the view from the BF's balcony, it looks right into Seattle. This view is also why he has a hard time parting with his apartment, as it will cost an arm and a leg to get a house with a similar one.

I may complain about the snow this year because it hung around just a little too long, but look at this! We had a white Christmas around town, and this only happens every 435346 years.

On Christmas Day we decided to head up north to see some of the extended family and there we say what can only be described as "sights to be seen".

Check out these icicles. If there were multiple guys here deciding to measure these would take the cake. I couldn't get a photo of the biggest (I tried, but it escaped me) there would have been an eight foot icicle. I think these were around 6-7 feet. I've never seen anything like it before.

I hope everyone's holidays have been great, in my family they tend to extend far after Christmas Day is over with but that's what family is all about.

Happy New Year everyone! Stay safe and come back with some awesome stories of toasting at midnight and having the New Year's kiss.

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