Monday, December 22, 2008

SNOW DAY x38475642

In my last post I wrote about the almost lack of payout from all the December storm news coverage. This in particular gave me pause:

I packed up my things and headed home before 4pm and was in the midst of a hail storm for about half my commute, but then it just abruptly stopped. Nothing, no rain, no hail, no snow for most of the night. This had me sad, because with all the hype I needed payoff. I decided I would snuggle up with my electric blanket, glass of wine, some decent tv and would peek through the blinds outside to see if anything changed. It didn't.

I wish someone had smacked me. I repeat - why didn't anyone smack me when I said this? This was last Thursday and today, 4 days later I am stuck at my boyfriend's apartment. Said boyfriend is not here because he has a backup vehicle with 4 wheel drive and went to work early this morning. I on the other hand have spent the last 45 mins trying to dig my car out of the snow with no success. I wouldn't have even THOUGHT about doing such a thing, but you know...if there are countless cars/trucks going up and down the same hill I shouldn't have that much of a problem.

Oh yes I did, and at this point I am freaking the eff out. I want to go home - if anything I want to be snowed in at my own place. From there I can walk anywhere to get some food or cleaning supplies or whatever. Instead I'm sitting on my boyfriend's couch watching TV that has no TiVo and wishing I had more clean clothes.


I guess hindsight really is 20/20.

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