Friday, March 12, 2010

The voice of color?

I know you are all probably waiting with baited breath for my post about Vegas & San Francisco, but I think that will have to wait until the next one. I'm not posting at home where the pictures are and since some of them are pretty awesome I don't want to deprive anyone. :-)

So with that I give you a little bit of a product review. Before I left for San Francisco I decided to get a mani/pedi from my favorite local spa/salon. They've been remodeling lately so it was nice to see all the differences, one of which being that they switched to the Deborah Lippmann line of nail polish. I've been disappointed since they started switching from OPI (my fav line) but I figured I'd try it out.

Now, the salon mentioned they *just* started using this collection and absolutely everything in it. Seriously, from base coats to hand lotion you name it and they were beyond excited about it. I mean, part of the reason I ended up getting a manicure was because they all but guaranteed it would last longer on my fingers. So I was all gung ho about it along with them while I heard them tell me about all the features of this stuff.

Here's the colors I chose (or so I think...I didn't write down the names):


Absolutely, the color was gorgeous going on and when everything was done I could have wept because my fingers & toes were so pretty. And then they told me the price tag on a bottle...$16. SIXTEEN DOLLARS for one thing of nail polish? Are there ground up diamonds in the bottle? I guess this line is some sort of "nail polish for the stars" type of thing, and yet here I am actually debating purchasing a bottle.

The good news though is that I passed up on the purchase. 4 days later my fingernails started chipping and by a week out about half of it had come off and I broke down and removed the rest. I have no problem spending a little more $ if it's a quality product and will last longer (shoes, purses, etc. etc.) but unfortunately this didn't hold up it's end of the bargain.

So tell me, what's your favorite brand of nail polish? And more importantly, what is your must have color??

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Viva!....Las Vegas!

I keep hearing about people in Vegas, or people in San Francisco and it boggles my mind because I'm going to be in both THIS WEEK/END and how on Earth does that happen? Right now I'm sitting on the bed in a San Francisco hotel cursing this ethernet cable that should be WAY longer than the little cord provided so that you can only use your laptop while sitting at the desk. Tell me, who in this world who owns a laptop actually sits at a desk to use it? Laptops are all about the couch or the bed.

But like I said, I am here in San Francisco for the first time ever for a business function. I've wandered the streets a little and found out that there are some great shops around this area (Anthropologie, French Connection, CB2) that I'll have to hit tomorrow. I have a meeting in the evening to go to and that's about it, so shopping might be on the horizon.

Even better, I head out Saturday...early AM to fly to Vegas. I've never tried Virgin Air before but it's a hop skip & a jump over to Vegas. The BF has been holed up in a hotel there since Monday so I'm trying to visit him (which btw is another first..Vegas that is) but in the meantime I feel a little Up in the Air with him in one hotel and me in the other. We have oodles of plans while we're there, most importantly seeing O on Sunday. I hear so many great things about that show.

But the surprise tonight is First Crush. If you're in the SF area we had some seriously amazing food there tonight. They were able to accomodate our large party and some of this food was the best I've ever tasted.

Happy Friday (tomorrow) to everyone, I hope your weekend is as fantastic as I hope mine will be.
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