Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings & what sound bees make

With all the controversy surrounding Google Buzz I haven't really known what to think about the system. It really seems like a mix of Twitter, Facebook & Google Reader but there certainly are parts of it I do like. I do like the fact that if you put your blog in your profile you can find blogs you didn't know existed. I have some IRL friends who I didn't know they blogged at all. I guess that could be a double edged sword for some, but don't put the information if you don't want it out there.

What I love the most is the "people you follow" section in Google Reader. I never utilized this before and by "following" people in Buzz it's opened a whole new world to me. Jamie Lovely shares some of the awesomest (is that a word?) posts and I've found some new blogs because of her. I also like how all the shared items show up in the Buzz timeline as well.

Here is my list of new blogs or things I've discovered in the last few weeks that make me extremely happy.

Green Wedding Shoes - No, I'm not getting married but I love everything about this blog. The photos, the ideas that can be used for ANYTHING and yes...when the marriage thing happens I'll be prepared.

Eat Drink Chic - Everything about this blog is awesome. I came for the DIY origami heart love note and stayed for so much more.

Aria - I'll be going to Vegas soon for the first time and staying in this hotel. The BF's company did work on the City Center and since I've heard all about it for so long I want to see it in person.

Seattle sunshine - We all know the reputation Seattle has and it's not for the great music. It's all about the rain and although most of the country is covered in snow we've had one of the most beautiful winters ever.

The Millionaire Matchmaker
- Ok, I watched this show off & on last season but I finally set up a season pass on the DVR and surprise! The BF is addicted too. We spent last Sunday watching a marathon when I felt crappy.

What have you discovered lately or made you happy?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Valentine's Day, lingerie & what makes you feel sexy

I love what Valentine's Day is supposed to be. You know, the spending time with your significant other or alternatively w/people you love if you're not coupled up. I love the little presents involved and the ooey, gooey nature of it all. Yes, I'm that person who likes Valentine's Day even if I'm single.

But this is a year of being coupled up. It is also the start of the gift giving season because there's 2/14, then 3/19 (our anniversary) and 3/22 (his birthday). This is the time of year I go crazy trying to figure out what on Earth to buy the guy. What do you get a 27 year old man, a label loving, engineer type who travels, rocks out to Guitar Hero on the Wii and is technology challenged?


At the very least I bought some new lingerie for the evening. I had been looking at the Victoria's Secret site for a while trying to decide on one thing and I picked out a little pink number. Think of this in bright pink w/lime green & purple accents. It was gorgeous, you know until I got the thing in the mail. That Bombshell bra? It's like a B cup in the bra, let's just say that when I put it on I felt like I got a very severe boob job. Yeah, not really my thing...I had to return the thing. But I ended up finding a bra that was the same color and a lot less help in that department. On top of that, I found a cute little cherry number that is great for a fun everyday wear.


Remember that post on New Year's Eve? We went to this restaurant that was pretty much food porn and had an amazing time. Our plan this year for Valentine's Day was super simple, all I wanted was to go to Chipolte and maybe have a little picnic in front of the fireplace. Well, that was until I got an email from that restaurant telling me they had a Valentine's Day special. Pair in the 3 day weekend and it was too great to pass up. We're now heading down there on Saturday morning to have a few food orgasms.


And back to the lingerie thing...what makes *you* feel sexy? For me sometimes it is lingerie that fits just right and gives me a bit of confidence. Sometimes though it's being in my favorite pajamas (pants & a tee) that makes me feel sexier than no other. And of course having the right bra & panties under an outfit (work, play, whatever) that gives me the confidence to take on the day. Hell, sometimes it could even be a glass or two of wine to do the trick, but we all know that one.


Finally, thanks to everyone who commented on the last post. Those girls are stll "super slutty" but I've also found out the boys that live above the BF are just as slutty too. When I look out the peephole and see the guys walking up the stairs there is always a different girl w/them. I don't know what kind of place he lives in but I'm just happy that he's not one of them. I kind of miss living around old people.
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