Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I better start practicing my downward facing dog again...

I used to be thin, like stick figure thin, rail thin, people convinced I'm anorexic thin. And I couldn't gain weight to save my life. The doctors were always concerned and forcing me to eat more calories than the norm. Now I see that I should have blamed it on high metabolism, dance classes, band, soccer and the fact I can't really sit still. I know, poor me. Some of us have been overweight our whole lives, right?

But you know what? Despite being thin I was never in shape. Every time I went to a dance class the next day I was so sore. After every soccer practice I was exhausted and never wanted to go back. And I think that "eat whateverthehell I feel like it" mentality is causing some problems now.

If you showed most people a picture of me and asked them to describe me, one of the few things they wouldn't say was that I was fat. But I am pushing maximum density here and I can't button up my dress pants anymore. Put together my sedentary lifestyle, a boyfriend who likes to take me out to dinner and the fact I now drink alcohol means I've started putting on the pounds. What's a girl to do?

Apparently I need to start exercising again because doing nothing isn't working. We're coming up on the holiday season and there's going to be so much yummy food around that I won't want to NOT partake in it all.

I need tips people. How do YOU get in shape? I apparently gain all my weight in my midsection (my thighs/butt area on my pants still fit perfect) and I don't know what works for that. Toning up everything would be ideal but I need to start small.

For now I'm going to break out my Wii Fit again and see if that will help. Bonus, I'm going to try and use it w/o drinking beforehand because apparently that screws with the balance feature. :-)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And people say *I'm* the weird one

The lovely LiLu has a little segment she calls "shiz my boyfriend says" and there are times I find this far more entertaining than TMI Thursdays. Mostly it's because it reminds me that my own boyfriend has some crazy things that come out of his mouth. Sometimes I giggle, sometimes I look at him like he grew three more eyeballs and sometimes I'm so frustrated with him. But last night I got all three.

Scene - watching the latest Mad Men on my laptop in bed

[Betty's in the hospital]

Boyfriend: mmfmdm [sticking his tongue out]
Me: ... what did you say?
Boyfriend: mmfmdm mmfmdm
Me: seriously, are you trying to show me something? does your tongue hurt? what?
Boyfriend: mmfmdm mmfmdm
Me: what?

[after a good two mins of this]

Me: whatever, I don't care anymore. I'm hitting the play button again.


Me: fine, tell me what was so damn important or exciting on your tongue.
Boyfriend: it's dry. my tongue is dry, this feels so weird.
Me: [stares]
Boyfriend: what?
Me: dude, YOU'RE the weird one.

I'm amazed that I put up with this guy, guess it's a good thing I love him.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A smell of wine and cheap perfume...

The beauty of the week before a long weekend is that no matter what office you are in, things slow down to a crawl. I know there's some idea of getting things done before vacation, but realistically this never happens. Today alone I have three people in my office on vacation, all of which sit by me so it's super quiet. I know three people doesn't seem like a lot but when the office has about 15 in it it's a pretty big chunk.

I'm looking forward to this Labor Day weekend for many reasons, but most off all because it's going to be some time to actually relax. Last weekend M & I had not one but two! weddings to attend (Friday & Saturday) and a BBQ and somehow we managed to do all that and have a picnic on the Kirkland waterfront in a secluded park. We danced to the like of Black Eyed Peas (Boom, Boom Pow anyone??) and other classics like Don't Stop Believing so much that my feet were killing me. We also reminised over long times past with old neighbors and got caught up in the lovely dovey nature of it all. M caught the garter at one wedding and at the same one I had the bouquet snatched out of my hands. Apparently the girl who did the snatching wanted it more than I did, and I wasn't going to fight.

Rattlesnake Hills

So we'll be headed over to Yakima to visit M's family a bit and visit the Rattlesnake Hills area for wine tastings. I'm excited to see his family since it's been since Memorial Day and I might even brave the drive to the farm with him to check up on things. I stress the might aspect of that part, it's not really my cup of tea.

But what's most important this week??? I got my hair cut! I know, not the most exciting news I guess but for a girl who's gone about a year and a half since her last cut I'm feeling proud of myself. I decided on some side swept bangs which was a little scary since the last time I had any kind of bangs was 8th grade. But I also decided against the Locks of Love cut this time, I'm keeping the length for a little while longer. I hope to have pics soon, once I figure how to style it properly. :-)

Now a question, do you watch the entire process when you get your hair cut? I try to at first but halfway through I get that anxious feeling in my chest and have to close my eyes until it's done. The inbetween stage freaks me out that my poor hair will be gone forever. Like this time, what if she doesn't do side swept but blunt bangs? My heart jumps into my throat at the idea of it. But sure enough, none of that happened and I felt like I was a crazy person for a minute (or a lifetime.)
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