Tuesday, July 21, 2009

They say it's your....moving day?

With my birthday dinner with friends coming up tomorrow, my actual birthday on Thursday with family and moving on Saturday life is quickly becoming "fly by the seat of your pants" fast. I hope to return next week with all kinds of tales of amazing service at Elliott's Oyster House (cross your fingers...there's another big party at the same time as us), family shenanigans and getting along great with the boyfriend during early AM box carrying.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Because you're worth it.

I have what people call the kind of hair that they want. I don't understand it, but typically everyone wants what they don't/can't have. My hair?
  • Long - hits right about the middle of my breasts
  • Fine - a little flat naturally but there's a ton of it (does well w/volumizing products)
  • Straight - just a hint of wave that goes away by blow drying and can be played up when it's shorter
The problem with this type of hair is that it takes FOREVER to dry in the morning. Seriously, I'm flipping my head upside down, to the left, to the right and even sectioning it off in hopes to speed up the drying time. That is until this morning.

Yesterday I twitted that my hairdryer up and died on me. I hoped to fix it, I opened it up and looked around with no success. So I headed to the store in hopes to find something. Nothing too pricey, I didn't want to spend oodles of $$ on it, but I knew you should at least spend a little.

Isn't this thing pretty?!?! I love red so yeah, I was a little drawn to it, but holy crap this thing works! Not only do I not have frizzy hair today (this has been a big problem recently) but it dried quickly! Best thing ever, this hairdryer retails for $36.99 and I got it for $24.99. Not bad at all.

In other news, I hope to be out of the office by noon today to make the trek to Seaside, OR for the 4th of July weekend. If you haven't been before you're definitely missing out. It's a small little beach town that has stood the test of time. I'm crossing my fingers to be having breakfast at the Pig 'n Pancake, drinking wine at Yummy Wine Bar & Bistro, spending time out in the sand & seeing some great fireworks.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!
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