Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Christmas...and extended weekend.

The trees at my stepgrandparent's place.

I know I'm behind but I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend. Some of you live in places that saw an insane amount of snow in the last week which made it hard to get places and some of you (like myself) didn't see a single snowflake. Seriously, we've had a great sunny weekend here even though it's been cold...and the fact that Seattle wasn't all drizzly was a feat in itself.

I worked up until Christmas Eve at about 11am which was hard enough, as this year my cousin and I decided we were going to host dinner that night. My grandparents were out of town and everything is usually at their house, so we stepped up to the plate. Well, my cousin suggested it and I went along for the ride because I'd be damned if eventually Christmas Eve ended up at her house once we were old. It's my right, I'm the first child of my mom's (the first of my grandparent's). Anyway...

Pies were made (4 in total, pumpkin & apple) on my part. I forgot how much effort goes in to one apple pie, let alone two of them. Cranberries were made (and then forgotten in my fridge) and turkey with all the other fixings.

We had a great time though, presents were exchanged and then I headed up to my family's place to stay the night in anticipation for Christmas morning. It being an economic turmoil type Christmas there were not a lot of gifts, but still a great time was had. My family picked up a few books for me (in particular Augsten Burrough's latest...a Xmas novel), a Philosophy set (Pomegranate Berry), some dessert wine, pot holders (that match my holiday apron), slippers and a few little things. Later in the day we went up to the step grandparent's house where I managed to get an awesome coat seen below in "jazzberry" (ie: purply magenta).

Despite the know no family gathering is w/o unless you're cyborgs...or my boyfriend's family (they're so perfect, it's not normal) I had a good night. My stepaunt & uncle got me Criminal Minds Season 4 (top of my list) and Wii Super Mario Bros (hopelessly addicting) which has kept me busy all day. Now I just need to finish cleaning my place since the holiday prep has left it in shambles.

I hope you all had a great holiday & have a great week, I am lucky enough to work for a company that shuts down between Christmas & New Years so I'll go back to work on the 4th. Feel free to hate me, I would if I wasn't me. My little brother will be spending at least one day of the break with me to get away from our parents. The rest of the time will be me trying to figure out my Flip video camera & software and resting up for the New Year.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I can't remember the last time I rallied like this...

I've been planning this Party Lite show for about two weeks. My mom sells the stuff and I love it dearly, best quality candle I've ever come across...but on Friday I woke up feeling like absolute crap. I mean, the only reason I made it into work was because we were having our holiday party at a restaurant and I was the holder of all the gift cards. So I sucked it up, I felt miserable but made it through the day...and even most of the night. But by 7pm I thought I was gonna die.

What makes this so hard is that I'm a total hypochondriac. If I have a cold I'll convince myself that death is imminant. And that's for an ailment that I've had before, add in something I've never felt and Dr. Google is my new BFF. That is, a new BFF who is an asshole who loves to freak me out and tell me I have some serious cancer going on. I was also reminded of this fact when I started having a constant pain in my right ovary area. I went through all kinds of diagonosis...appendicitis, ovarian cancer, lupus, death, bowel obstruction...the list went on. And you know what? Dr. Google stepped up and cheered saying "oh yeah? I can find something worse that you'll die of!" What a butthead.
But the simplest idea here is to call my doctor, and that's what I'm going to do on Monday. I can deal with the head cold, the fever and even the stomach ache. These are all well known symptoms to me over the years. Add in the ovary of doom and my life will implode on itself.

The real point of this story though is how I rallied. After waking up this morning and still feeling like crap I wanted to cancel my Party Lite show. Ok, I didn't *want* to, but I had completely hit the level of if this was a work day I would have called out in a heartbeat. But being something I enjoy...and having people over to my house I had to make it work. And you know what? I think that made the difference because after enjoying the company of others I felt a little better. Or it could have been the Benadryl I took.

The moral of this story is this:

Dr. Google is mean.
My heart belongs in socializing, makes me feel better even when my insides are running a muck.
If you need some candles hit me up, they ship all over.
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