Friday, August 21, 2009

Friendship Styles

First off, thanks to all of you who commented on my previous post, I went shopping and got the following dresses:

Both of them fit like a glove and actually are pretty similar in color. But at least they work for the weddings to be attended.


For many years I have been known as a social butterfly. It's funny to me because I consider myself pretty shy in the first meeting of people but I hide it well, many years of training myself I guess. I will be the person who at a party will search out someone who is quiet or feeling out of their element to chat. This is in part that I've been in that position before, or in hopes to make a new friend. And it usually works. I've made great friends this way and I've seen the relief that's come over their faces when someone comes to talk to them.

But it doesn't always go so well. Sometimes I chat with them and realizes we're not meant to be friends. I'm ok with that, but it makes me think of my own "friend style". Do you know what I mean? Some of us are reluctant to invite others into our social circle right away. Some of us assume you suck until you prove yourself otherwise. Me? I have a tendency to think all people are great until they prove otherwise.

Case in point - about a month or two ago some friends of mine got new roommates. My friends own a house (married couple) but rent a room out upstairs. Another couple (early twenties) moved in and they got along great. So a bunch of us were invited over for BBQ night and to meet the new roommates. I thought they were nice, had good conversation. That is until the girl asked me if I was pregnant.



Yeah, you read that right. This girl committed a big time faux pas. You never ask anyone that unless you know for sure, especially someone you just met. I could tell she was embarrassed and a little naive, but to this day I've been "done" with her.

The problem is now that I run into her sometimes. Obviously she lives in the same house as my friends, but now whenever she sees me she shrinks to as small as she can. I shouldn't care so much but I would think she would try to remedy the situation or overcome that obstacle. But that's just me. I'd move past the comment (yes, I actually have) and now I'm more concerned that she won't talk to me at all.

*shrug* I guess sometimes you're just not meant to be friends.

What kind of friendship style do you have?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Please, help me shop!!

August is known for one, no two big things. This is the month where people get married and hold reunions, at least in the state of Washington. It's probably the best month weather-wise and in turn your schedule gets PACKED. I have a bachelorette party and reunion on the same weekend and the following weekend is the wedding so I need to be lookin' sharp. I'm going shopping this weekend but I was hoping you guys might have some ideas as well.

Bachelorette party consists of dinner, comedy club and clubbing/dancing. Maybe not something super pricey (more H&M style) for this, but then on Sunday there is the reunion picnic. Think oodles of families all at a park. The wedding weekend is pretty fancy (no casual thing going on here) so I only have so many options before I have to buy new things, you see?

Here's the ideas I have so far...
Slice of Lime dress from Anthropologie. I love the little sash accenting the waist and it seems fun.

Cranesbill dress from Anthropologie. Same thing with the sash here, bonus: my boyfriend's already seen it in the store and likes it.

Storm of Shapes dress from Anthropologie. I love the colors in this, for once I could do yellow since the brown is upstairs.
Caranday dress from Anthropologie. Another I've seen in the store, also comes in a pinkish color.

Framboise Souffle dress from Anthropologie. Completely feminine and I love the color. The neckline's pretty sweet too.

Calendar Pages dress from Anthropologie. First seen over at the Advice Smackdown it comes in black, this blue and dark purple. And it's on sale, that's nice too.

I can definitely be persuaded to do more than one of these dresses since there's multiple occasions to go to but I'd love to go into shopping with some sort of idea.

HELP guys & gals! I need a personal shopper! And I haven't even started in on shoes!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I love...

Let's get back on track with the blogging thing, forget this posting once a week or less. I've been in a sea of changes of the last couple of weeks which has a tendency to make me pessimistic. I love change, but when it's not on my dime my life tends to go all chaotic and I don't always know how to process effectively. This is why I'm going to try and bombard this post with positivity...things I love.

I LOVE...catching an incredible sunset like this one at the Edmonds-Kingston ferry.

I LOVE...a good farmer's market because I can get incredible flowers for cheap (among other things).

I LOVE...Seafair in Seattle. The Blue Angels are amazing the hydros are not so bad when they're up close and personal.

I LOVE...hearing that despite all my little brother's attempts to not be interested in Harry Potter he can't put down the first book (I bought for his birthday).

I LOVE...that I know where to find a great crab cake benedict on the weekends.

What are some things that you love today?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Birthday...seriously belated.

Sorry it's taken so long to get an update posted, in my quest to move I didn't plan setting the new place up with TV or Internet. The only reason I got my power turned on was because the apartment complex did that for me. I think this might be what you call lazy, but it's given me plenty of time to do repeat viewings of The West Wing while sitting in my bed or unpacking the 234435 boxes still left over. Sam Seaborn & Josh Lyman please report to my apartment office immediately.

Things started off with a BANG! in the form of my birthday dinner. As I mentioned before we headed to Elliott's Oyster House. Despite my dislike for oysters and the insane wait time (LOVE reservations) we made it in and gorged ourselves on crab, prawns, lobster, name it. There were a variety of dishes chosen around the table, but most importantly I had the crab cakes. My mouth salivates just thinking about the little cakes of pure awesomeness. We stuffed ourselves silly (copious amounts of wine, burnt cream) and chatted for a few hours. Some friends gave me lucky bamboo for the new place and all and all I had great time.

The boyfriend (aka M) and I at dinner.

The next evening M and I headed up to see my family and I got to introduce him to the experience that is my step dad's chicken parmesan. This stuff is so good that I refuse to order it in restaurants because it doesn't even compare. I hung out with my family while my little brother got
antsy (it wasn't time for cake yet) and opened some presents. So sweet, I picked up a hand mixer and a new pair of shoes!

Up next is an intro to my new apartment. I'm warning you, there's an unnatural amount of space in this place, I don't know what to do with myself. Stay tuned!
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