Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A smell of wine and cheap perfume...

The beauty of the week before a long weekend is that no matter what office you are in, things slow down to a crawl. I know there's some idea of getting things done before vacation, but realistically this never happens. Today alone I have three people in my office on vacation, all of which sit by me so it's super quiet. I know three people doesn't seem like a lot but when the office has about 15 in it it's a pretty big chunk.

I'm looking forward to this Labor Day weekend for many reasons, but most off all because it's going to be some time to actually relax. Last weekend M & I had not one but two! weddings to attend (Friday & Saturday) and a BBQ and somehow we managed to do all that and have a picnic on the Kirkland waterfront in a secluded park. We danced to the like of Black Eyed Peas (Boom, Boom Pow anyone??) and other classics like Don't Stop Believing so much that my feet were killing me. We also reminised over long times past with old neighbors and got caught up in the lovely dovey nature of it all. M caught the garter at one wedding and at the same one I had the bouquet snatched out of my hands. Apparently the girl who did the snatching wanted it more than I did, and I wasn't going to fight.

Rattlesnake Hills

So we'll be headed over to Yakima to visit M's family a bit and visit the Rattlesnake Hills area for wine tastings. I'm excited to see his family since it's been since Memorial Day and I might even brave the drive to the farm with him to check up on things. I stress the might aspect of that part, it's not really my cup of tea.

But what's most important this week??? I got my hair cut! I know, not the most exciting news I guess but for a girl who's gone about a year and a half since her last cut I'm feeling proud of myself. I decided on some side swept bangs which was a little scary since the last time I had any kind of bangs was 8th grade. But I also decided against the Locks of Love cut this time, I'm keeping the length for a little while longer. I hope to have pics soon, once I figure how to style it properly. :-)

Now a question, do you watch the entire process when you get your hair cut? I try to at first but halfway through I get that anxious feeling in my chest and have to close my eyes until it's done. The inbetween stage freaks me out that my poor hair will be gone forever. Like this time, what if she doesn't do side swept but blunt bangs? My heart jumps into my throat at the idea of it. But sure enough, none of that happened and I felt like I was a crazy person for a minute (or a lifetime.)


  1. I have to watch, otherwise the old Korean lady that cuts my hair will try to even off my sideburns with the top of my ears every single time!

  2. I watch, but mostly because I'm slightly fascinated, as I don't know the first thing about chopping off hair. :-)


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