Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And people say *I'm* the weird one

The lovely LiLu has a little segment she calls "shiz my boyfriend says" and there are times I find this far more entertaining than TMI Thursdays. Mostly it's because it reminds me that my own boyfriend has some crazy things that come out of his mouth. Sometimes I giggle, sometimes I look at him like he grew three more eyeballs and sometimes I'm so frustrated with him. But last night I got all three.

Scene - watching the latest Mad Men on my laptop in bed

[Betty's in the hospital]

Boyfriend: mmfmdm [sticking his tongue out]
Me: ... what did you say?
Boyfriend: mmfmdm mmfmdm
Me: seriously, are you trying to show me something? does your tongue hurt? what?
Boyfriend: mmfmdm mmfmdm
Me: what?

[after a good two mins of this]

Me: whatever, I don't care anymore. I'm hitting the play button again.


Me: fine, tell me what was so damn important or exciting on your tongue.
Boyfriend: it's dry. my tongue is dry, this feels so weird.
Me: [stares]
Boyfriend: what?
Me: dude, YOU'RE the weird one.

I'm amazed that I put up with this guy, guess it's a good thing I love him.

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  1. Ha! Boys... can't live with em, can't live... with em.


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