Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I love...

Let's get back on track with the blogging thing, forget this posting once a week or less. I've been in a sea of changes of the last couple of weeks which has a tendency to make me pessimistic. I love change, but when it's not on my dime my life tends to go all chaotic and I don't always know how to process effectively. This is why I'm going to try and bombard this post with positivity...things I love.

I LOVE...catching an incredible sunset like this one at the Edmonds-Kingston ferry.

I LOVE...a good farmer's market because I can get incredible flowers for cheap (among other things).

I LOVE...Seafair in Seattle. The Blue Angels are amazing the hydros are not so bad when they're up close and personal.

I LOVE...hearing that despite all my little brother's attempts to not be interested in Harry Potter he can't put down the first book (I bought for his birthday).

I LOVE...that I know where to find a great crab cake benedict on the weekends.

What are some things that you love today?


  1. Fill me on on the crab cake benedict location...I would LOVE to try it and I am always looking for good brunch locations around here!

  2. @The New Black - my favorite place for crab cake benedict is Hector's in Kirkland by far. It comes with hashbrowns and isn't too pricey. I've had it at other places in the area and Hector's has the right ratio of sauce & yummy crab (less filling). But for an all around good breakfast I'd say The Brown Bag. They don't have the crab cake benedict but everything on the menu makes you want to stuff yourself silly!

  3. Crab Cake Benedict!? Have never heard of it before! I love eggs benny, though. Mmmm.


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