Friday, April 17, 2009

Who needs a new pen??

It's confession time yet again around these parts. My name is Cass and I am an office supply junkie.
Do not let me loose in Staples/Office Max/etc. unless you are ready for me to pick up random pens, post-its and the like and exclaim "oooh, can I have it? Look! It's so cute and perfect!" every five seconds. I don't know what it is, but writing with that perfect pen (Pilot's G-2 in 07) or using a square hot pink post-it makes the work day that much more bearable. That can't be the only reason obviously because otherwise I would care less about the supplies I have in my home, so I don't know why it is.

So recently I've been linked all over the place to this wonderful place...Sorting With Style. I can tell you right now I've looked through the entire site and I want pretty much every single thing they sell. I dare you to NOT find something you can't live with out over there. No, I triple DOG dare you, that's how seriously I covet everything.
Here are some of my favorites so far:
  • a crocadile staple remover
  • a red pencil cup
  • pink Paris notebook
  • giraffe clips
  • flower file folders
None of these really have much to do with the other but are a great example of the awesomeness that is over at that site. Now obviously I haven't made a purchase, so the customer service could suck or it could take a month to get your product so I can't be extremely gung ho about everything yet...but a review could be forthcoming.

Best thing about my new job? Guess who orders all the office supplies? :-)


  1. A CROCODILE staple remover? What?! Where?? I must have it!

  2. HA HA, I love it!!! My co worker loves supplies too. Just recently we all got pink breast cancer awareness pens. Now we all fight over who's pen is who's

  3. I also love office supplies. It may have something to do with why I wanted to be a librarian!


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