Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good news!

In my last post I mentioned how I did something to my tailbone/had a cyst. Thankfully after taking enough antibiotics my butt has stopped hurting and it's ok to sit down. Yes, this means I no longer have to use the donut cushion. :-)

What's even better though??? I GOT A JOB!! In the same day I managed to score and interview with a company I sent an emailed app the previous week AND get a job through one of the staffing agencies I went through. I'll be making a little bit more than before and have all kinds of random duties, but I'm excited about the whole experience. I managed to get a job on Monday and start on Tuesday and the rest of this week has been me trying to get back into the swing of things.

Although I'd love to talk all about the job there's all kinds of confidentiality required in this company, I hope you understand. I will say that the people are pretty great, the woman training me as a lot of confidence in my abilities and the position is not too far away from home. Actually it's about a mile from my last job so I can still do lunch with some of my favorite people.

But here we are back in the working world. I can also say that this office job (complete with cubicles - but there's a window!!) has me walking around the office WAY more than the last one. I can't wear any of my cute heels without being in extreme pain so I need to find some adorable flats ASAP. If you have suggestions of cute shoes (that are halfway comfy) or a great website to recommend please do.

**Shoes by Adidas via Zappos.
I may want them badly.

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  1. Oooooooo those shoes sure are cute!!! Glad things are looking up for you, and that your butt doesn't hurt. A hurting butt is no good :)


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