Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's Not A Donut

This week has been very much of the suck. Add in April Fool's Day, which normally is kind of a fun day, I am not amused.

I've had this intense pain in my tailbone for about a week or so and thought that I could just wait it out. Back in Nov/Dec I fell HARD on the ice and bruised my tailbone and thought it had all worked itself out, but the pain came back ten fold this time around. That in itself would be cause for alarm but my brain insisted I was just fine and to wait it out.

Ok kids - that is NOT a good idea. Turns out I had a cyst that ruptured and I had to get my butt to the dr's office ASAP. I did all this and got antibiotics to treat the infection, and also had to pick up a cushion to sit on. Three different stores later and I finally have it and no, it's not a donut. Don't try to call it that or I will have to poke you hard. :-)

Because of all this time on the couch you'd think that I'd be blogging like crazy or something like that. But no, my Google Reader and myself have turned into life long friends and I'm reading all those blogs I follow like crazy and thinking "why can't I come up with something decent to say today??" Another day, maybe.

Instead I think about what to eat, how to actually get up to get said food and remind myself that yes, I should get back to the job search.

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  1. Oh dear! That's horrible. I fell hard on the ice in March and banged up my already bad knee. So I know what you mean about the pain leaving and then coming back. :/ But ouch in your case! I'm sorry that you were in so much pain.I hope you are feeling much better now!


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