Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pour Me A Glass

I've been wanting to post something about wine for the last couple of days, mostly because this week a local wine shop had their annual sale and the boyfriend and I picked up quite a few bottles. Within the last year we've become a big fan of wine in the bigger picture of alcoholic beverages and there's a variety depending on what your price range is.

We have a tendency to pick wine based off the packaging or name of the wine, there's been Cupcake Chardonnay last week, the 3 Blind Moose Cabernet Sauvignon I'm currently sipping on or countless others that have entertaining corks. But when I go online to find reviews of the Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc (I think it's the 2006) all I find is positive reviews and that was not my experience.

This is what the website gives as a description:

Pale yellow in colour, with green hues and brilliant clarity.

A vibrant bouquet of citrus and tropical fruits, layered with subtle cut grass aromas.

Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc is a charming, elegant wine, displaying intense varietal character. Ripe, zesty flavours of grapefruit, kiwi and pineapple are overlaid with fresh cut grass. Finishing crisp and refreshing, the palate balances intense fruit qualities with fresh acidity, fullness and length.

Sounds promising, right? I was impressed with the idea of grapefruit since I can't pass up anything with that, let alone with a cute little monkey on it. But the only thing I actually tasted in this wine was the so-called "subtle cut grass aromas". I don't know if it was lemon grass or what, but at the time the only reason I eventually finished the bottle was because it would be bad to waste it.

I thought maybe it was just an aversion to New Zealand wine, but that wasn't it. I've tried a few others that didn't make my taste buds rebel (I need to start writing this stuff down) so I'd say it's just this one.

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