Monday, February 9, 2009

I'll tell you what caused it if you'll handle the effects

Unemployment is a very bad thing. I know you're thinking "duh Cass, why would you say something so obvious?" but bear with me. Yes, unemployment sucks because you are out of work and probably getting a check that is far less than what you used to make but that's not why. It's because you have too much free time.

Even though you spend your time job searching online, there is networking to be done to contact those with opportunities. You're working on reformatting your resume for the 15th time (or so!) and at times you're kicking yourself because how are you really going to write an awesome cover letter to make people realize you are the poop and they need to hire you RIGHT NOW because THEY CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU OMG!!

Exactly. But there's also that time where you don't want to do that stuff. You have laundry to do, a home to clean and there's tv that needs to be watched. Lots and lots of tv. In the last week or so I've watched the second season of Dexter, started Californication, caught up on the shows I missed due to networking etc. and cooked. Yes, OMG I COOKED! Since I'm kind of new here you probably don't know how important that bit is, I don't cook. If I do? It's baking. So actually making real food for real people would make you confused.

Obviously this means I need to find a new job pronto, although lounging in my pjs and showering in the afternoon can be a lot of fun too. Can I get a job that lets me do both? :-) Kidding, a little.

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  1. I'm at odds over this, because it's one of those "grass is always greener on the other side" kind of things. I like what I do and the people I do it for, but sometimes unemployment sounds like a golden opportunity to assess my priorities, fully define my goals, etc., and act upon them.

    Then again, it's extremely likely I would just become a stinky lump on the couch.


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