Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

I'm going to pretend I'm doing a little better here. Posting once every two weeks might actually eventually get me to my just now made up goal of posting once a week. Here's hoping!

Ten on Tuesday

1. If you work, do you drive to work or take public transportation?
I drive to work, usually 40 mins in the AM and 40-60 mins on the way home. I had a bad experience once on public transportation...so it's driving for me.

2. How often do you get your haircut? Do you go to the same person every time?
I am in serious need of a haircut right now. I can easily go a year w/o getting my haircut (unless I have bangs) and try to go to the same person. Unfortunately my person left the salon & I need to find a new one, that stresses me out more than it should.

3. Do you read the newspaper? If so, a hardcopy or the online version?
Sometimes on the weekend if it's available, but most of the time I get my news from Twitter. I subscribe to quite a few news outlets.

4. What is the best book you have read this year?
Just Don't Call Me Ma'am by Anna Mitchael was pretty good, but a lot of the books I've read this year were re-reads.

5. What is the best movie you have seen this year?
Oh man, I tend to forget what movies I've seen (especially theater ones). Let's go with Black Swan, although probably not the best one out this year the dancing was amazing.

6. Do you tend to crave sweet or salty foods?
I crave both, but mostly sweet. My body usually tells me what it needs (cravings for veggies anyone?) so I try to listen. :-)

7. Do you eat breakfast every day? If so, what do you have?
I am horrible at eating breakfast every day. I wish I could, but most often it's a cup of coffee and MAYBE a yogurt on the weekdays. Weekends are another story, I LOVE weekend breakfasts.

8. If you celebrate Easter, what Easter treat/candy are you most looking forward to?
Robins eggs are my favorite Easter candy, but my grandma makes lemon meringue pie once a year on Easter and it's the best pie ever. The only way you can get it other times of the year is if you request it for your birthday.

9. How late is “sleeping in” to you?
I'd say around 10am, but M thinks the day is half over by that point. I'm lucky if I get to 9am if he's home, but we do go to bed early (9pm) so I still get a decent amount of sleep.

10. Where are you going on your next vacation?
There were no plans for this year, but M mentioned Maui in November. I guess Kansas might be going to the basketball invitational and he wants to be there. Could be fun.

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