Friday, September 10, 2010

Leave the drama for your momma

Last I mentioned about the house was that the inspection was coming up, so let's just fast forward and say it passed. It actually passed with pretty flying colors which is a major plus. The problem now is that moving day has come up super fast and we will be fully in the house tomorrow afternoon. Am I ready? Of course not. Packing is kicking my butt and all the stress that goes along with it.

A lot of the things I have in my apartment are from my great grandmother's house. She passed away a few years ago and to this day it's still hard. She was like a 2nd mother to me, and I lived with her until she died. So when I moved out I took a lot of stuff with me because I had such an emotional attachment to everything. Things that I didn't even particularly love, things that I found to be ugly, whatever. They all stayed with me because I couldn't part with them. But I am determined to get rid of a good chunk of them...the Goodwill will appreciate them and they'll go to a good home. At least that's what I thought when I started. Last night after every glass I wrapped up I found myself sobbing. Grief hits you in the strangest of ways, no matter how long it's been since you lost someone.

It doesn't help either that I've been under significant stress. Moving stresses me enough, but my family is bringing the drama as well. It's all well intentioned, but my mother & grandmother are freaking out because M and I are moving in together and I don't have a ring on my finger. I know it's old fashioned and I know they are just being momma bears protecting their most precious cub of the family...but it's driving me crazy. I know he has plans and engagement will happen when we're ready for it but in the meantime I don't appreciate feeling like I'm openly defying their wishes. I swear, best intentions drama is the worst kind.

But you know what almost makes this all worth while? This pantry.
I'm so excited to organize this thing, OCD tendencies FTW!


  1. Oh man, I'm sorry the family drama is overshadowing this exciting time in your life! Hopefully they'll see what a wonderful home you and M are creating for yourself and will back off.

    I'm sorry about all the emotions, too! Stress has a way of bringing out the grief. But you can easily channel that into your freakin' awesome pantry! Holy cow I WANT THAT PANTRY.

  2. @Stevie I hope you're right, and I know once we hit that ring step all will be right in the world of my family. Mom's going to see the house for the first time tomorrow, maybe she'll calm down.

    And thanks, isn't it beautiful! That's the whole reason I said yes to this house, I could put down a sleeping bag & hang out in there.

  3. I completely understand. Perhaps a bit funny now to look back on but it took me nearly a whole night to talk myself into getting rid of an old bra that my grandmother had bought me back in high school. I was in tears and just holding it in my hands. Then, I looked at it and realized that I put so much sentimental value on it just because of who it came from and that I would still have those memories without it. But man, I hear you. When you least expect the grief to show up, BAM!

    I got that same drama with my family. Though to be fair, I was also moving 14 hours away to a different country. I still held to my morals, though...I just happened to want to live with my man before the "I do"s. You learn a lot about someone living with them, and I feel it is absolutely necessary to do so before marriage. And this is coming from a super conservative gal! :)

  4. @Wendy I definitely understand putting so much on one item when it comes to people we've lost. I'm now trying to keep only the most important (and photos) this time around.

    You definitely do learn more about a person when you live with them, but I think it's for the better. The family I think is coming around a little bit now. Mom has been to the house and help me set up some things and my grandfather gave us the rental truck for free w/o me asking. Baby steps, but we'll get there eventually. :-)

  5. xoxoxoxo Thank you for the sweet comment!


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