Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What happens in Vegas...gets very delayed.

I have been stuck in a writer's block situation for quite a while now.
It all started because I was planning on posting about my Vegas trip
but I didn't want to post w/o including a few pictures. Cut to it
being about a month ago and there you go. Here's what I've learned:

The new City Center area is freaking amazing. We stayed at Aria which
was beautiful and not smokey. The wonder of dating a guy who
specializes in designing HVAC systems means I know all the little
details. His company designed for the hotel & it's supposed to stay
that way.

The food in the City Center was fantastic, I had the best scallops (w/
braised oxtail no less!) & cocktails at a place called Sage. I wish I
could eat there every day for the rest of my life & would consider
going back to Vegas just for it.

I sometimes forget that not everywhere is like Washington with their
antismoking laws. Here you can't smoke indoors and have to be at least
50 feet away from doors. Not so much the case there. Let's just say my
nose was sensitive.

We went to Ghostbar one night which was pretty (view wise) because you
know why? There was a thunder & lightening storm which every bolt lit
up the sky. I wish I caught that on camera.

Oh! We saw O while we were there! Crazy flips in a pool, then the pool
disappeared, and it was back again! Definely something I'd see again.

All in all Vegas was decent but unless there's a set purpose I don't
need to return. And no impromptu weddings to mention on my part. :)

So tell me people, where's your fav place in Vegas?

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  1. I totally have the same problem... I wait to blog about something until I can get the pictures up too, and by then it's just too late to bother with. I've been to Ghost Bar too and had a really good time! I don't know that I could necessarily pick a favorite place in Vegas... you can really make anything fun down there as long as you're with a good group of people. :-)


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