Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Confessions & resolutions

Another confession - I'm a packrat. Yeah I have a lot of stuff in my home and my place really isn't all that big (studio and all) but I just have tons of things. I can't part with anything and when I do it takes a while.

What's worse? I'm a digital packrat. When it comes to photos on my computer, or emails in my account I don't delete things. The other day I was looking at my gmail account. The whole point of using gmail is that you don't have to delete anything if you don't want to, which just fueled my habit. As part of the New Year what better resolution than to clean this stuff out? I started using the archive feature for those important emails (after all, having almost 2000 unread messages is just crazy) and deleting the others.

This took me a few days. I had email in there from 2004, seriously? Who has messages from 2004 that are not just things to save? I have a very bad habit. But I went down from around 6000 messages to a handful. In my archived? Approx. 600. My inbox? 1 - yes, one email.

Small victories are all we should hope for, any more than that it's hard to keep a resolution. What else is on my resolution list?

  • Travel somewhere new. It could be another state, a new city, a new country. I have plans to go to Mexico for the first time so I hope all goes as planned.
  • Learn a new skill. I knit and crochet but the extent of it is dishcloths, scarves & blankets of the most basic variety.
  • Lose weight. This has never been on my list before but I'd like to have what my boyfriend calls "a new Mexican bod". I'm thinking 5lbs.
  • New employment. I have a job that I should get out of, everyone says so. I don't make enough for what I do and I can definitely be treated better.

What are yours?


  1. Great resolutions! Travel is definitely one of mine, along with the new job thing. Plus, I tend to move cities every three years, and it's about that time ;)

  2. Traveling somewhere new is definitely one of my resolutions, as well. I'm hoping to go to the Dominican Republic this year. So hopefully we'll both be able to go on our trips!

    I can only crochet scarves, so you're ahead of me on that one! :)


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